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6/9 – 16/9/07 more Pics:

Singapore is cool – although the temperature here is around 35 degrees in the moment! So Singapore also is hot-hot!!

I love it! It’s multi-ethnic, here are Indians, Chinese, Malais, Euroasians, Westerners, Arabs, Africans… Judes, Christians, Muslims… and you are spoilt with the whole variety of asian kitchen….and loads of shopping centers. I guess, Singapore has more shopping center than India temples.

I stay as a couchsurfer in the eastern part of Singapore, in a very nice house. Chin Yuen and his sister Chin Yi are my hosts.

….. Chin Yuen’s house


Bali rocks!

25/8 – 5/9   Pics:

There was not much to do in Labuanbajo on Flores anymore when we came back from Komodo, and so we left to Bali soon.

Are you ready for KARAOKE INDONESIA?  (part II)

We decide to skip the Gili Islands and to do  straight to Bali -on a 36 hour tripby ferry and bus. How can I describe that???  – If you take a ferry here be prepared for the wildest Karaoke party at 10 o’clock in the morning, with a keyboard and 2 huge speakers on each side, the volume pumped up that your ears fall off, people dancing. And all that till the ferry arrives in the next harbour… Compared to that Odyssey a Bemo ride was nothing!

Beaches, volcanos, temples and beautiful humans

After that travel experience we really need a nice bungalow for the next 3 days, and enjoy the beaches in Padangbai before we leave to a volcano tour to Mount Batur. That’s again not cheap, you have to go with a guide, but the sunrise on the volcano was worth doing it!

We meet some locals again and fly to the moon with very strong Arak (in Bali it smells like petrol though!!) from the edge of the crater lake. We stay alltogether 4 days in the colorful Ubud, in a room like a palace, and enjoy Balinese art and dances, ride the bicycle and the motorbike and watch an original Balinese Cremation Ceremony. 

Less culture but nice beaches and beautiful surfers we relish the last days we spend before we have to leave Bali: at Uluwatu, east of Denpasar.

And now…  Enjoy the pics!