Maluku: Stopover in Ambon and Banda Islands

Kota Ambon






The girls of Cafe Lela
The girls of “Rumah Kopi Lela” where I have my morning coffee every day

Ambon City

Sunset in Cafe Panorama in Ambon


Banda Islands


On the ferry to Banda Islands
On the ferry to Banda – you are never alone in Indonesia, never!

Ambon Harbour
A ferry arrives in the harbour of Ambon at night

Pelni ship in Bandaneira Harbour


Three days only in Banda Islands! Cause there’s no boat the following 14 days, and I have still have to extend my Visa in Ambon.

There are not many boats anymore between and to the Islands of Maluku, since the “accident” in the years from 1999 to 2002 happened, everything has changed (read above in the Ambon part). Traveling in Maluku takes a lot of time which I don’t have, not now.

So I stay only three days, although it’s worth staying here much longer. And I am able to do and to see the Best of Banda Islands. By a fishing boat we sail from islands to island for snorkeling. It’s great. It’s like an f… aquarium! There are drop offs just right on the beach with rich coral garden and plenty of huge and colorful fish. You can see everything here just while snorkeling, what you see elsewhere only when you dive. And diving is very expensive here with 110 USD for two tanks, due to the fact that there’s only one dive shop in Banda that can dictate the prices monopolisticly.

I don’t dive here but always think how it would be in the depth when I see the drop offs only from the surface of the water… well, next time – with more time, more money!

The beautiful Banda Islands – white beaches and corals

Bandaneira with the fort Benteng Belgica

Sleeping volcano vis a vis Bandaneira

View from Benteng Belgica in Bandaneira

Hatta Island – with the best snorkeling in Banda!