Indonesian Anecdotes

Ordering beer in Makassar
I’m with three American guys in the hotel next door of ours for having a drink and we’re waiting in the lobby restaurant for the staff to take our orders. We have been waiting already for 15 minutes but nobody of the staff hanging around in the hotel with nothing to do shows up at our table. We had mentioned our wishes for 4 Bintang beers when we came in, we thought… Now all staff has left the lobby and disappeared in a room behind something that could be called a bar. I keep an eye on the back door of that room and can catch a guy’s gaze. The instant we want to call him to our table, he jumps back behind in the room, obviously hoping that we did not see him… We wait several minutes more, then I go to the bar, call for the waiter and… can finally order our drinks.


At Manado Spa
‘Do you want a coffee, a ginger tea or a tea?’ the girl asks after finishing the massage. ‘Oh, a ginger tea, please.’ Alice answers. – ‘Ginger tea we don’t have.’ – ‘… ????’


Plumbers wanted for Hotel Celebes, Manado
We have a problem with the water in our bathroom. The tap has been broken off while I was in the shower and now the water is coming in a strong stream straight out of the wall. I am not able to put the tap back in the wall, to much pressure, so we call the hotel staff.

They cannot fix it at once and suggest to give us another room. ‘But is has only one bed’ the girl at the reception says through the phone. ‘Ok,’ I answer, ‘I’ll have a look.’, thinking that it will be alright for Alice and me. The room boy brings me to the room and I have a look. Yes, there is only one bed. Big enough for two people who are VERY close with each other: It’s a single bed, about 80 cm wide only.

We can stay in our old room cause they are able to stop the water later, with a professional wooden stopper. They seem to be prepared for incidents like that, having plenty of stoppers in stock. … Guess what? After we were one night in the Tangkoko National Park, we get another room with a working tap. – I have already left Manado when receiving a email from Alice (who stayed a day longer in the hotel): ‘Guess what? This morning the tap in the bathroom broke off…’

It seems they have a serious problem with the water pipes in this hotel…


How to price food in Manado
For the evening we are out in a Warung (Food stall) in Manado with ok food, nothing special. When we got the bill, we are startled. Weren’t the prices in the menu for beer and fish different, cheaper? So, we ask for the menu again, wondering why it takes so long till we finally get it. Eventually, when we get the menu, we experience that they have changed the prices with tipp ex…


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