With a slow boat back to Ambon…

It takes me 36 hours to get back from Kei to Ambon… A very slow ferry…And its cowded and dirty… brr. I can’t find a place where i can imagine to stay ans sleep 36 hours. And I swear this will be my last ferry ride in Indonesia! Schnauze voll, how a German would say,

But… then I get a place at the bridge! Like a VIP. I can sleep and relax there without being harassed, and the crew is spoiling me with food and coffee. Meanwhile I can learn about the business of sailors…

Frying Bananas

Ship made in Germany


2 thoughts on “With a slow boat back to Ambon…

  1. Hi!
    Your trip sounds really amazing… Im also intrested in going to the kei islands. But how do i get there the cheapest way? I have searched a lot for ferrys that can take me from ambon to kei islands. But I only found one boat that seemed to go there, a cruising ship with a lot of stops at other islands. What was the name of the ferry company that ypu travelled with? How and where did you get information about them? …And of course, how much did it cost?

    Do you generally recommend going to the kei islands?

    I would be very pleased if you would like to write me some good-to-know information about travelling in the moluccas 🙂

    / Sara

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