Laos – the special way to smile

After my body was not sore anymore from that one-week-Muay Thai-I-try-kickboxing-experience I left the organized and touristic Thailand to Northern Laos.

This country has my great sympathy! Traveling here is as charming and time taking as in Indonesia. Spending 10 to 13 hours to travel on dusty (muddy after rain) and windy roads for a distance of 300 kilometers brought me back to the feeling of being on a jouney and not on a holiday.  Travellers meditations is looking out of an open bus window and watching beautiful landscapes and villages passing by.

It’s mountainous in the north of Laos, there is djungle but also a lot of logging and burning for agricultural reasons, and you see village after village with houses, all made of bamboo, and with dogs, cows, pigs, chicken and children, all sitting on the road (not even moving sometimes when a car comes through). For the hours at night, when there’s no electricity in the villages, the children invented a game to entertain themselves and the travellers: They wait in bunches in the darkat the roads and scream at the bussses and cars that come by to scare the travellers. It’s a good way to let you forget that you have been sitting for 8 hours already in the driving cage without any possibility to move your … feet.


The people in Laos are not as open as many Thai people. They are friendly but shy and a bit reserved. If you get a smile from them it feels like a great present. It’s so honest and warm.